How will GTA 6 Better What’s already on offer with GTA V?

Rockstar’s juggernaut GTA franchise has reached levels that no other game has managed to achieve with GTA V. The problem that is faced with a developer when a game is so good is how they can actually improve it with their next, future release.

It could be sometime before we hear an announcement from Rockstar about their next GTA release. However, we’ve come up with a few areas that we think could be worked on that would make GTA 6 unthinkably better than GTA V.

Loading Times

If you could think of one complaint with GTA V then it has to be the loading times. It takes longer than any game I can possibly think of to load initially. A one minute loading screen is not something you’d expect to face, however, it is. It’s understandable but annoying. Perhaps Rockstar can somehow get the huge map loaded in a shorter amount of time? This would be a big improvement that most gamers would want to see included with GTA 6.

A New Destination / Setting

The USA seems the obvious place to set each GTA game, it’s a huge country where guns are legal. The only real exception we have seen was with two GTA: London releases back in the era of the PS1. Could Rockstar freshen things up by setting GTA 6 in a city outside of the USA? It’s certainly a possibility and highly rumoured. I’m not so sure this will happen with GTA 6, however, I’m more-or-less positive it will happen in a future GTA release. If we are to get a new setting then you’d expect London to probably be at the top of the list of contenders, after all, it’s a setting Rockstar have done before and London is one of the most well-known cities in the world. Tokyo, Paris and Rio de Janeiro are other potential contenders.

Access to All Buildings

Wouldn’t it be great if you could walk in to any and every building within the GTA setting? This is far from true with GTA V – only a few buildings allow you to access. Again, we might be in dream land when it comes to the idea that every building would be accessible in GTA 6, but hopefully there will be plenty more than is currently on offer.

Improved Online Mode

GTA Online is one of the reasons why GTA V became so successful. It’s a fantastic edition to the game, with some not bothering to even play the storyline and simply play online. Whilst Rockstar have done a decent job, there are plenty of improvements due. We’ve all fallen victim to the occasional server issue with GTA V, you wait 30 seconds to join a game and then you get that dreaded Network Error message – which means you’ve got to wait another 30 seconds whilst you return to the map. Rockstar could also provide a more innovative approach to game modes.

Better Logic

The world of GTA V feels ultra-realistic, that’s until you get the occasional hiccup. Some brand these occasional hiccups as GTA logic. For example, you go speeding past a cop car at 100 smashing over lamp posts, and the police simply sit there as if nothing has happened. Perhaps walking past a cop on the street with a rocket launcher in hand might spark some suspicion? Nope! Not in the world of GTA V. Rockstar can definitely work on these smaller issues which actually make you laugh – it would make the game feel more realistic.

It wasn’t easy to find areas that Rockstar could address, however, the ones listed are probably the most obvious. Every single GTA release has impressed, the same is a near guarantee with Rockstar’s future GTA release. Meanwhile, why not check out 10 awesome things to do in GTA V – it should keep you busy!

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