Worms Battlegrounds PS4 Game Tips

At its heart, Team 17’s “Worms Battlegrounds” (for the PS4) is more or less a return to the roots of the series, delivering the same cutesy classic turn-based gameplay that nearly everyone seems to love.  It details the exploits of a band of worms inhabiting a museum and Lord Crowley-Mesmer’s (who is also a worm) attempt to take it over and rule it with an evil iron fist.  As expected, it is mostly a charming affair with lots of laughs in tow, however don’t get the wrong idea – it can and will challenge your strategizing skills, with the general difficulty increasing as you progress deeper into the game.

Naturally, this next console generation offering also features a generous helping of graphical upgrades, thus adding the extra bit of polish to the mix that makes it that much more enjoyable.   Having said that, many might not be aware of just how to effectively strategize within the confines of the game’s design, and if you don’t, you’re going to have a bad time.  In order to remedy this situation we’re presenting you with some handy game tips.  Good luck and godspeed…

Learn what all the weapons do and how they might be used

One of the big draws of the Worms series has always been is inventive and crazy assortment of weapons.  In this offering we find no less than 65 offerings, which is more than any other release in the series to date.  As expected, you’ll find everything from general use tools and navigational helpers to military-themed armaments and weapons of mass destruction.  In short, if you are to be successful as a strategist you absolutely must figure out what each one of these implements does and in turn, how it might be used and when.  Often times you’ll discover that some items can be used in largely unconventional ways, so try to be creative as well.

The water is your friend

Needless to say, if you want to kill an enemy worm instantly hurl them into the water.  Naturally, there are several weapons you can use to accomplish this task, like the baseball bat, for instance.  However, a good ninja punch or even welder’s torch (used for burrowing / tunneling) can also work wonders.  The key is to not waste resources; in other words, don’t immediately use that baseball bat if there is another option available (for instance, if they’re on the edge and up high, just poke them with the finger and they should fall to their death).  Likewise, the baseball bat can be used to scoop up 2 or more worms, if used properly that is.

When in doubt or in trouble, burrow underground

Let’s face it, you’re going to encounter situations where you’re severely outnumbered or basically running for your life.  In these situations the best course of action is to start burrowing underground.  Of course once you’ve done this you’re going to want to barricade yourself in so that enemies can’t reach you easily in one or even two turns.  At the same time, you’ll need to strategically dig escape tunnels that will allow you to easily pull off attacks and get back to safety.  Moreover, don’t make the mistake of placing your last 2 or 3 worms together in one “bunker” as one well-placed concrete donkey can end it all for you.

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