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If I was to personally review Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, then I’d give it a score of 9/10. You might as well call me a Wolfenstein fan! It’s a great game and fantastic value for just $25. However, this is a tips guide for those who already own the game. This guide should help you out in a number of different ways…

Wolfenstein The Old Blood

Get the Perks Early On

Head towards the perks tab and each one will be defined. Perks make your life easier in many ways when it comes to completing each chapter as well as earning trophies. You can achieve certain perks quickly by restarting from the last check-point, rinse and repeat, and you’ll earn many of them within a matter of minutes. There are 16 perks, here’s the important ones:

Eagle Eye perk – collectables are pinpointed and marked on the map

Carry Heavy machineguns perk – allows you to include heavy machineguns in you inventory.

Health upgrade perks – there’s three of these health perks and they increase the speed in which you regenerate health.

Ammunition upgrade perk – ammunition is increased by 20% upon each pickup.

Look Around You

Most of the collectables are easy to spot if you have a good look around. Don’t just shoot and run. Once you’ve shot all of the Nazis, take a good look around before progressing, you’ll always find something. The best advice is to get the Eagle Eye perk – on the other hand, it’s kind of fun looking around trying to find them without having any assistance.

Can’t figure out how to progress?

You’ll probably come across moments where you don’t know how to progress, to the point where you’ll literally be running around in circles. Obviously, if you’ve got the Eagle Eye perk, then you shouldn’t face this problem. However, for those who don’t have the perk, remember that you’ll probably need to climb a wall, look towards the walls and find a change in texture, and that will often be your route to progress.

Smash the Wooden Crates

Many of the crates you’ll find randomly placed around each map are breakable. Smash crates open by shooting at them or simply hitting them with a metal bar. You’ll find all kinds of goodies inside, including ammo, health, armour and even gold.

Docks Chapter

There’s a point on this chapter which will have many puzzled – the point where you need the main gate to open. I spent quite some time wondering how to progress. However, it’s always easy when you know how. All you need to do is take a swim over to one of the two gates – it really is simple when you know how!

Be Stealth

Use your silenced pistol to your advantage, after all, if you go in heavy spraying your machine gun like crazy, you’ll end up setting the alarm off, which means more Nazis to deal with. Crouch and aim your pistol towards the head, don’t be afraid to shoot multiple times to ensure they are dead and that they don’t raise the alarm. It’s also better to avoid dual pistol, this is because you can’t aim as well. Once the alarm is set off it means one thing: reinforcements. If the alarm is set off, ensure to eliminate the commander. Remember: be as stealth as possible!

The Final Boss

Once you reach the end you’ll be presented with one tough looking ginormous boss. However, once you work out his weaknesses it will actually be a breeze to defeat. What’s its biggest weakness? It can’t see! The important thing to note is that it reacts to sound. So, once you fire at its mouth you need to immediately move away towards the wall and duck down. When the Nazis appear you need to arm yourself with the silencer (otherwise the boss will hear your gun fire and attack you), the boss will hear the gun fire from the Nazis and will actually do most of the work by killing them – the key here is to remain quiet. Because it only reacts to sound, you’re free to move around and collect ammo, health and amour whilst the Nazis aren’t around.

Watch the video below to see exactly how it’s done:

Re-run the game on Easy

If you’ve completed the game on a difficulty setting above easy and missed out on certain collectables, which most of us probably have, then your best option is to set the game on easy (Can I play, Daddy), that’s because you want the least annoyance as possible. Another useful tip is: once you’ve found the collectables on a certain area, you can simply quit to the main menu, this won’t result in you losing out on what you’ve earned.

Go Trophy Hunting

You can seriously extend the value from this game by trophy hunting – it’s fun too. Ensure you’ve got all of the perks as this will help assist in your pursuit of trophies. Once you’ve completed the game you’ll be familiar with each chapter and map, which means you can focus entirely on gaining those trophies. Ensure you’ve got the Eagle Eye perk – it’s an essential when you’re trophy hunting.

These are my tips, if you have any to share then please leave them in the comments below!

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