10 PS2 Games That Deserve an Updated PS4 Release

Just like the title says, here are no less than 10 magnificent PlayStation 2 titles which really deserve an updated release for the PS4.  Maybe it’s because the gameplay, design, characters, environments or overall concepts are cool? Perhaps it’s due to the fact that the technology is finally here to really make some game truly spectacular? …whatever the reason, just try to imagine modern iterations of these following titles from the past…



Psychonauts kind of came out of nowhere to become one of those games that rarely achieves “cult” status among some gamers.  As a platformer it is undeniably unique and (still to this day) remains virtually unknown and/or severely underappreciated.  Naturally, an updated revision would definitely provide a more fitting picture for the game’s various insanities; likewise, if it were to be largely built from the ground up again the devs could make use of all the new technologies as well…

Katamari Damacy

Katamari Damacy
Also bursting out of parts unknown, Katamari Damacy emerged with an entirely new idea that basically places its focus on the scale of the world and how you interact with it.  Needless to say, after spawning several additional titles and proving itself fully capable of delivering great gameplay one can’t help but imagine how crazy the concept might be (and look) on the PS4 – the mind truly boggles.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (perhaps the two previous releases as well)

Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater
Of all the Metal Gear Solid games on the PS2, it is MGS 3: Snake Eater which is really the most fun to play through.  Sure, this fact is debatable, and not to take away anything from its predecessors (which were also amazing and deserving of a new spin), but Snake Eater just gets everything right, to put it simply.  Additionally, assuming that the newly styled layout from MGS V were to be used in lieu of the old system then it would be incredibly special indeed.

God of War I & II

One could easily argue that neither God of War I & II don’t really require any sort of reboot for the PS4 (perhaps just some type of port or PlayStation TV access might suffice).  However, if you really think hard on the subject you’ll discover that there’s still plenty of room for vast graphical improvements which would turn an already amazingly good thing into something completely over-the-top awesome.


“Bully” stands alone as one of the more inventive open world, quest-based titles to emerge during the start of the GTA era.  Additionally, it offered some of the most freeing and creative gameplay on the PS2, which really didn’t offer up many completely open titles which allowed you to try a whole host of different things.  Even though it really is a sort of “scaled-down GTA”, if it were to be reskinned and filled with lots of detail-oriented content such a revamp could turn it into something rather amazing.

Beyond Good & Evil

First off, if you’ve never played “Beyond Good & Evil” before then you don’t know what you missed.  In all honesty, it stands strong as one of the absolute best platforms and storylines pressed upon the PS2.  Moreover, it appears that Beyond Good & Evil 2 is on permanent hold too, so by the time that people come to revisit the first one they’ll likely be scratching their heads wondering why someone didn’t simply reboot it to start with.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
Duh…this one is a no-brainer, right?  As what many feel to be the quintessential Grand Theft Auto experience which really ignited the series and took it off into a whole new fun dimension, you have to agree that San Andreas really deserves and updated PS4 release.  Even better, if the same engine that was used to make GTA V is implemented and they just transpose the old map with a few changes and remodeled areas along with updated graphics / textures.

Silent Hill 2 (and 1)

Silent Hill 2
Silent Hill 2 remains as perhaps the ultimate fan favorite of the series and really, really could use a reboot onto the PS4, along with its dark and moody predecessor.  What makes it such an ideal candidate is that it was the first SH offering which seemed capable of actually lulling you in visually and in terms of atmosphere.  Sure, the first game was definitely scary and basically a step removed from a basic Resident Evil like style, but # 2 just took things to a whole new level and really functioned as more of a graphical novel at times than your typical survival horror game.  Moreover, it added a slew of nice RPG features and even integrated a distinct semi-open world feel in the context of light combat and puzzle-solving.  Note* – you can still find people playing SH2 on Twitch to this very day.


For a lot of people, Ico really broke the rules (but in a wholesome, good way).  Sure, it was a platformer with action/adventure elements, and certainly there were lots of little puzzles to incite delight, but it is much more than just that.  This game was all about immersion – sucking you into the action onscreen and making you feel emotionally invested in what’s going on.  At the same time, exploring the castle is still loads of fun and the basic premise simple enough that anyone can grasp it.

Shadow of the Colossus

Last but not least we come to “Shadow of the Colossus”, which really deserves special mention on our list due to its uniqueness and popularity.  The truth is that there’s nothing quite like SotC out there (even years later) and just imagining how detailed those gigantic monsters might look or what new additions could be added to further flesh out the title is enough to make your head spin. Seriously, if there were to update this game and perhaps integrate some new areas and objectives, expand this and that…it could easily compete with some of the better open world games out there available for sale on the PS4 right now.

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