10 Reasons to be Hyped About GT Sport

In late October, the thirteenth title in the Gran Turismo racing game franchise was announced. Called Gran Turismo Sport (or GT Sport), it’s the first GT game on current-gen consoles (not to mention a PlayStation exclusive), and it looks really good. With both online and offline play available and plans for long term content updates, it feels like the developers at SCE are really revving up to deliver the best Gran Turismo experience ever. There are plenty of reasons to get excited about this promising-looking game. Here are the top ten (in no particular order).


A Reason to Dust Off that PS4 Racing Wheel

The PS4 has plenty of great racing wheel peripherals available, but unfortunately there aren’t really a lot of games that have made buying a wheel worth it. That changes with GT Sport. This will be a racing game that will provide countless hours of entertainment well into the future, and using a wheel will be a great way to increase satisfaction and immersion.

FIA Sponsorship

The FIA (known in English as The International Federation of Automobiles) is one of the biggest governing bodies of motorsports in the world, and they’ve announced that they’ll be working very closely with GT Sport, organizing races and events that will allow players to win…

Real Prizes

Yep, that’s right- real, physical prizes will be given out to winners, with those players taking part in the FIA’s annual prize-giving ceremony in Paris! Two main championships have been announced so far and both will be sure to promote fierce competition, and both are something to get hyped about… They are the…

Manufacturers and Nations Cup

In the Manufacturers Cup, drivers race for their favorite automobile manufacturer. If you’re a Mazda fan, a Mercedes nut, or an Audi addict, you’ll have the chance to prove to the world that your brand of car is the best.

The Nations Cup is a little more straightforward- the best drivers from countries all over the world will face off in a championship to show which nation comes out on top. This is exciting because it will encourage international sport and competition between people who may never get the chance to travel otherwise.

PlayStation VR

Up until recently it was called Project Morpheus, but nothing else has changed about the PS4’s virtual reality peripheral- it’s sleek, it’s versatile, and it’s perfect for a game like Gran Turismo. Combine the headset with a racing wheel and you’ll be more immersed in this game than any other.

Long-Term Support

GT Sport will not be a fully-featured game at launch, but will instead have new cars and tracks being released over time. Whether this means constant micro-transactions or occasional free content is still unknown at this time, but the fact that the devs are planning to consistently update and improve the game is very exciting.

PS4 Power

If you watched the announcement trailer, you’ll have seen how gorgeous the game looks on the PS4. Thanks to the console’s processing power; the graphics, sound, physics, and everything else will truly bring simulation racing into the current generation. There’s no platform better for a game like this than the PS4, especially with all the peripheral support.


Of course nobody really knows how a game will play before it comes out, but luckily for GT fans, the devs have a beta planned for spring next year. This will let everyone get their hands on the game and subsequently get a feel for it, while offering competitive players a chance to get some early practice in. It’ll also let Sony Computer Entertainment do some last-minute tweaking to ensure that the final product will be perfect.

Three Modes

While a lot of what we know so far about GT Sport makes the game sound like it’ll be geared to hardcore racing fans, there’s also content for the casual racer. GT Sport features three main gameplay modes- Campaign, Sports Mode and Arcade Mode. Each will offer a different experience so that anyone (the game is marketed as being fun for ages 7-77) can pick up a controller or racing wheel and can have an exciting time while feeling rewarded for mastering their favorite cars and tracks.

Online Events

Esports are growing ever more popular in the modern world, and GT Sport plans to be big part of the scene. You’ll be able to watch your favorite racers at any time thanks to integrated streaming support, but most excitingly, the developers have planned events that will take place throughout the year. Anyone will be eligible to compete, so it’ll be fun to see if you’ve got what it takes as you race for glory and rise up through the rankings.

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