25 PS VR Games to get Excited About

With PS VR ready for take-off, it’s time to take a look at some of the titles that will be coming this new technology sometime soon. Hopefully there’s not too much insanity here, just a good guide to 25 upcoming PlayStation Virtual Reality titles to consider getting yourself hyped about. As if there isn’t enough to get hyped about at this time of year… Reader beware, however – the very essence of VR means that it will literally get inside your head, so maybe you should be on the lookout for that insanity I’ve now mentioned three times.

The Deep


You’ve probably seen the movie Jaws, and Adrift will take you to the depths of the ocean where dangerous and amazing sea creatures exist. Ultimately, this game is likely to make you question ever swimming in a deep ocean – that’s because of the nail-biting gameplay that Adrift will, at times, offer. Expect fantastic visuals as you move around a diving cage – just be aware the calm beauty that the ocean can bring will quickly turn nasty as some razor sharp teeth suddenly begin to smash against the cage. What’s more, you’ll be able to partly lean outside of the cage. This game looks stunning and will take you on a journey you’ll never have witnessed before.


Golem ps vr

So, let’s get straight to it – where shall we start? Well, why not start with Golem, the first game to be released by Highwire Games as an independent studio. Your starting point here is experiencing what it is to be a giant stone golem exploring an abandoned city. Well, finally, that’s all I can say – have you never wondered what that feels like? A fairly new studio taking on its first VR game is brave and risky, but one gets a sense that Highwire Games will manage to pull it off.


Adrift psvr

This game might remind you of the movie ‘Gravity’ – that’s because it resembles it in more way than one. Imagine that you are looking down at earth in the vast nothingness of space, this is just how you’ll feel as you experience Adrift. The aim of gameplay is to survive by finding oxygen cylinders from within the spaceship which encountered a terrible accident.

Job Simulator

Job Simulator ps vr

The next offering admittedly doesn’t have the ‘wow’ factor when it comes to titles. I mean, you could argue, who needs a game called Job Simulator when many folks out there actually have to do the real thing on a more or less daily basis? However, this game appears to be set to appeal to those who would enjoy filling in the answer to the question, ‘I wonder what would happen if I…?’ There’s a cartoon-style, and the game is set in familiar environments such as an office or a corner shop (convenience store for our American readers), with players interacting with everyday items which robots then attempt to recreate… It is being hyped, believe me; perhaps it needs to be seen in more detail to be appreciated.

The London Heist Getaway

The London Heist Getaway

For those with fond memories with the classic The Getaway series, which, well… just seemed to halt. Its actual return will be on PS VR. That’s right! London gangster mobs are set to be more realistic than ever with this action-packed virtual experience. You’ll feel as though you’re apart of all the crazy mayhem, it’s you who will need to dodge the bullets and fire the weapon as you progress through missions. Loaded with excitement, this title is shaping up to be more than just big.

100 ft. Robot Golf

100 ft. Robot Golf ps vr

Next up is the much more enticingly-titled ‘100 ft. Robot Golf’ – now we’re talking! The robots are huge, the world you play in is destructible and so you can destroy buildings, cliffs, whatever hazards are preventing you from hitting the perfect shot – there’s not much more to be said, surely? Finally, a game of golf I can get on board with.

GT Sport (PS VR)

Gran Turismo Sport (PSVR)

We speculated for quite some time that Sony would probably bring a PS VR element to their elite racing title. Without a doubt, GT Sport will be excellent in more way than one, just imagine using a steering wheel along with PS VR – how more realistic can you get? Seeing the amazing weather effects, environments and adrenaline-pumping action all in true first-person can only be a racing fan’s dream.

The Modern Zombie Taxi Co

The Modern Zombie Taxi Co ps vr

Another intriguing title, next – The Modern Zombie Taxi Co. Playing as a taxi driver, you will have the ‘opportunity’ to collect zombies as your passengers and race them towards wherever they’re headed. Where do zombies request to go, one wonders? Along the way you can earn extra points for destroying your surroundings as much as possible. What can possibly go wrong?

Eagle Flight


Ah, Eagle Flight – is it graceful, elegant and powerful? Well, I’m not actually sure to be honest, but I can tell you that you get to explore a city via the air and the city in question appears to be Paris, although a Paris which last accommodated humans around 50 years ago. Bearing in mind it’s VR, the experience could well be fantastically lifelike and ideally suited to those who have always wanted to fly – hopefully there will be no travel sickness though.

Rez Infinite

Rez Infinite ps vr

The dream for the original Rez when it was released by United Game Artists was that it would be a VR game. Now, 15 years on it is about to become reality (pardon the pun) with the upcoming release of Rez Infinite. The original was incredibly well-received in 2001 and, with the added virtue (sorry) of VR, you’re likely to get pulled into Rez’s world all the quicker.

Paranormal Activity (PS VR)

Paranormal Activity (PSVR)

You can’t help but feel as to how the horror genre will be positively affected by PS VR. After all, it brings you ever closer to the real thing, which is sure to be terrifying when imagining what the horror genre has to already offer on PS4. Basically, PS VR opens a whole new window of possibilities and Paranormal Activity is one of those examples. Whilst we are still to learn more about what this title will bring, if it’s anything like the movie series, then we’re all in for something super scary.

Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin

Rhombus of Ruin

Here’s another great title – Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin. Never mind the game’s quality, buy this just to tell your mates what you’ve just purchased. Anyway, given most of you will already be aware of Psychonauts, I’ll leave it there and just say that this release will follow on from the original and is designed to lead up to the release of Psychonauts 2 in 2018. It will be a first-person puzzle game and Raz will have a number of powers, including telekinesis and pyrokinesis. Cool.

Robinson: The Journey

Robinson The Journey

Robinson: The Journey – having crash landed on a strange planet, you must dodge the dinosaurs using your mysterious robot guide, all brought to you by Crytek. Exploring in 360° sounds like fun and, well, given that the game is being developed by Crytek is reason enough alone to be excited by this one.

Allison Road

allison road ps4

Next up is Allison Road, which began its young life as a Kickstarter project. This funding project was unfortunately cancelled, but it meant that the experienced Team17 was able to take it under its wing and the feeling seems to be that this is the best move for both the game and its developers, Lilith Ltd. The game itself is a first-person survival horror game, considered to be a tribute to the PT for Silent Hills, which was of course cancelled.

Toddler horror Among the Sleep

Among the Sleep PS VR

The phrase ‘toddler horror’ admittedly puts me off but I know that it will appeal to the stronger-hearted than I and the idea of playing as a two year old is intriguing. This is exactly the premise of Among the Sleep and it’s a psychological horror. In the words of the developers, Krillbrite Studios, ‘You get to experience the world through the eyes of a toddler with a vivid imagination that could easily scare your pants off’. Nuff said…

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Until Dawn Rush of Blood

If you’re already on the verge of descending into madness, then Until Dawn: Rush of Blood may be what you’re after. The horror is going to surround you in this literal roller coaster ride – you will sit alone in a roller coaster carriage with only a Berretta pistol for company. And from the sounds of it, you will need to put that Berretta to good use – enemies will rise from all sides and you truly will need your wits about you. It sounds trouser-ruiningly fun.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Another contender for best-named title, now. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes certainly gets you thinking. So, there’s one person who unfortunately finds themselves in a virtual room with a bomb. The bomb is, ominously, ticking and therefore must, clearly, be defused. How does one do that on one’s own? Well, you’re not on your own in that room as this is multiplayer; any other players are the ‘experts’ and they can give you instructions on how to defuse said bomb using the bomb-defusing manual which is, handily, available to them. However, the so-called experts can’t actually see the bomb hence the ‘keep talking’ aspect of the title comes into play. Talk fast, talk well, and no-one gets hurt – genius!

Atom Universe: a virtual reality Theme Park

Atom Universe a virtual reality Theme Park

It was only a matter of time, wasn’t it? A VR theme park! It’s a Kickstarter project and can be really quite quickly summed up as follows – a virtual theme park which will be filled with exciting rides and games, where multiple players can converse, compete if they feel so inclined and even become friends. Nice. It might remind you of PS Home – something we’d love to see return as a PS VR experience.


battlezone vr

Taking control of the most powerful combat vehicle ever built sounds quite cool. Playing as the planet’s only hope for survival also sounds pretty cool. Combine those two and the premise of the game sounds fairly exciting. Now imagine all of that in a VR context and Battlezone begins to sound really quite exciting. The makers describe it as The Father of VR and the mother of all tank games. We’ll see, we’ll see.

Tekken 7 (PS VR)

Tekken 7

We’ve still got plenty to learn about how PS VR will be integrated into this game. However, the great thing we do know is that it will be an important side-element to Tekken 7. That leaves the door open to plenty of speculation. It is sure to be interesting to see exactly what Bandai Namco have up their sleeves – but the arcade action is sure to feel extra special this time around.

Crystal Rift

Crystal Rift ps vr

Finally, Crystal Rift harks back to my Knightmare watching days on ITV – do you remember? Only because it’s a grid-based step by step dungeon crawler. It’s probably better than Knightmare though. You’ll have a sword to defend yourself whilst you solve puzzles and dodge obstacles. There’s even the opportunity to design your own levels which is a nice touch.


Headmaster psvr

The key to this game is to master the art of heading a football using a variety of tests. Gameplay will involve aiming towards targets that give you points, all of which increase with difficulty as you progress. After playing Headmaster, you might just be ready to become a Premier League player, although we doubt it. Never the less, this game looks to offer plenty of fun, objectives and is sure to help enhance your game if you’re into soccer or football.

Driveclub (PS VR)

Driveclub (PSVR)

Driveclub has already delivered a fine racing game, and whilst it will never live up to the expectations of upcoming GT Sport, it is a game that has some stunning visuals. With that said, who wouldn’t want to edge a little closer to those beautiful environments. As you take a hard turn, rubber burning, don’t forget to admire the mountains and snow for a split second. Add to this the in-car realistic surroundings, and you have a very good experience for any racing fan.

Surgeon Simulator (PS VR)

Surgeon Simulator VR

You might have, at some point, played the battery operated board game known as Operations. However, we now live in a world where getting closer to the real thing is totally possible. With that said, Surgeon Simulator will give you a taste of just how challenging been a surgeon actually is. It’s a game that was initially released back in 2013, but the virtual experience will turn this game into something totally new.

RIGS: Mechanized Combat League

RIGS Mechanized Combat League

Ever dreamt about piloting a giant robotic machine? If so, this is probably the closest you’ll come to experiencing this very situation. They’re named RIGS (the machines), and you’ll battle others within a variety of arenas. Team play is key and you’ll need a strategy in order to come out on top. Promising plenty of multiplayer action and excitement, RIGS is shaping up to be a big initial PS VR title.

So, plenty to get excited about, eh? Here’s to VR and here’s to lots of Jamiroquai-humming in 2016.

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