4 Great PS VR Games You Probably Missed

With a large amount of PS VR titles already announced, it’s time to take a look at 4 games which you might have missed. Let’s begin.

Dead Secret

Dead Secret

Dead Secret is a tense, story focused, mystery thriller, set in rural Kansas in the year 1965. A reclusive professor has been found dead, and it’s up to you, the player, to uncover the truth, find the killer and avoid their hand as they hunt you down. The player is tasked with finding items, solving puzzles and collecting enough evidence to expose the murderer’s true identity. While doing so, you’ll also utilize several of the late professor’s strange devices, to explore the “deepest recesses of your subconscious”.

The game has already released on PC, and has received a very positive reaction from a vast pool of players. While the game may not boast the most impressive visuals, it certainly nails that creepy feel and puts you on edge.

The main reason I’ve listed this game is because it features one thing I hadn’t seen in most VR games. Multiple endings. Five to be exact. I know that multiple endings might not be something you view as important in a VR game, but experiencing a game in VR is an intense, real world experience. The game swallows you, and being hunted by a murderer as you attempt to expose what they’ve done, is a pretty intense experience as it is. But coupled together with VR and multiple endings, it asks the player to be not only brave, but also smart to ensure they get the ending they’re after.

Nothing about this title was said or seen at E3, but the developers are still working hard on a PSVR release, and are set to announce a date ‘soon’.

The Assembly

The Assembly psvr

Not much has been shown about The Assembly, which is oddly in tune with its own premise. Set deep inside a hidden, underground compound, a secret organisation has been conducting a vast series of nefarious experiments to achieve a hidden goal. The organisation is both hidden outside the constraints of any government action, and far, far away from the public eye.

It has been described as an “immersive, interactive story” in which the player actually takes control of two characters, that have their own perspectives, and unique motivations. It seems that the player’s main goal for the game is simply to escape the compound, but along the way they are set to uncover more and more of what the organisation has been doing, and what they are attempting to achieve.

The game mainly focuses on its story and puzzle solving, but more interestingly, it’s also set to heavily feature player choices. Both characters will have to make a series of decisions throughout the game, and each have their own unique consequences. The developers have described the game as a slower, more delicate experience, shying away from action and shootouts, to instead focus on player morality and ethics.

It sounds like a very unique experience, with what could be a great setting, and one I’d love to see more of. Again, nothing seems to have been spotted at E3, and they have yet to announce a release date.

The Hum: Abductions

The Hum Abductions psvr

I’m not a big fan of horror. In fact, typically I’m pretty cowardly. You may think that’s an odd thing to say considering the very first game on the list, but Dead Secret I view purely as an action thriller. The Hum: Abductions is something very different.

A first person horror game, in which the player takes control of Holly Sanders, a mother and wife, currently raising her child alone after her husband vanished one night, several months ago. Described as “Lonely and disturbed” person, Holly is set to uncover a series of events surrounding the Sanders family and deal with a “terrifying approaching revelation”.

The trailer not only gives us a very intense, personal and intrusive moment for the player – but also displays the games very different design. Clearly going for an authentic feel, with a genuine home, and real characters, the game manages to capture the bizarre, unnerving, slightly cliche, but fundamentally freaky, alien horror genre. It features creepy bright lights, strange noises, bumps in the night, supernatural powers, and all surrounded by the fear of the unknown.

The developer was originally creating a game called The Hum: Alien Invasion, which they had put up on steam greenlight, however they appear to have pulled back and placed that game on hold. They’re attempting to create a universe, and are using this game as a prequel of sorts to their original. What that means for the game itself, who knows, but for those that are a fan of the Alien horror genre, it’s pretty much the only thing out there when it comes to video games, and it certainly stands out as a unique game.

Currently the game has no release date, but is planned for release on PS4 and VR.


Battlezone psvr

If you’ve heard of any on this list, I imagine it’s this one. Battlezone, originally released back in 1980, it’s being rebooted for the modern era of VR. The original game was released by Ataria as an arcade machine. The cabinet was designed with a periscope viewfinder, which while somewhat gimmicky, added to the immersion of piloting a tank in first person. While other Battlezone games were released over the years, the series slowly dried up. Until the Battlezone property was brought from Ataria, by Rebellion directors, Chris and Jason Kingsley, in 2003. The game is now set to release on the PS4, as a PSVR launch title.

The game is a fast paced, arcade like shooter, in which the player takes control of a tank from the inside. They’re tasked with using their speed and accuracy, to outflank their enemies, and to use their powerful weapons and pick-ups, to blast them away.

While they’re yet to reveal any game modes in detail, the game is set to feature a single player campaign that uses procedurally generated maps. Meaning each playthrough is unique in its own way, forcing the player to work differently and think on their toes. It also features an unlock system that will allow players to upgrade their weaponry and equipment the more they play.

The developers have also admitted that both multiplayer and co-op are likely to be part of the game, but are yet to announce how those modes will play.

Many gamers and journalists have pointed to Battlezone on PSVR, as the game that convinced them to get VR, so it’s certainly one to keep an eye on. Battlezone is set to launch alongside Playstation VR, on October 13th 2016.

Tory S.

Tory originated from a line of ancient space-faring reptiles. Tory is an article writer whose passion is video games, programming and music.

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