5 Future PS4 games that could be Amazing on Project Morpheus

The emergence of Sony’s awe-inspiring new Virtual Reality headset concept, lovingly referred to as “Project Morpheus”, certainly stokes the fires of imagination.  For decades gamers have dreamed of being able to totally immerse themselves in an alternate reality, able to experience untold exploits and live out their dreams in worlds previously unknown.  Well, for all intents and purposes, it looks like this is going to become a reality much sooner than expected (and in the current console generation, no less).  Anticipating that this new VR headset project is going to be wildly successful, we’ve put together a list of 5 (future) PS4 games which will likely take advantage of Morpheus’ abilities…

Until Dawn

Until Dawn

One of the games that’s actually on the table and being actively considered for a pairing with the VR headset that’s currently in the works is Supermassive Games’ “Until Dawn”.  This ultra creepy-looking survival horror title is so awesome-sounding that it’s almost as unbearable as it is terrifying.  You assume the role of a teenager who’s camping out in a cabin in the woods with some other distraught friends following the loss of a member of the gang.  Naturally, things take a disturbing turn for the worse as it become clear that you’re being hunted by an insane, blood-thirty serial killer.  Now, if that doesn’t sound interesting within the context of an immersive VR experience, what does?

This could very well be one of those games that truly push things to the next level, as it were, helping to generate amazing levels of terror and new sensations of dread.  Well, get ready, because it’s definitely in the works, according to the game’s developers: “We’ve been working on this game for a while now, working with Hollywood writers and US TV talent, doing our best to bring the Teen Horror experience to PlayStation.”

EverQuest Next

EverQuest Next ps4

Moving in a different direction, we have word from EverQuest Next devs that there is intense interest in utilizing the VR headset technology in their upcoming creation.  Integrating project morpheus into a fantasy MMORPG is not doubt a great idea.  Even if we’re talking about the more conventional 3rd person viewpoint here, the notion of being able to see all around your character (perhaps even being able to look around independent of their movement) is very promising to say the least.    Specifically, EverQuest Next is said to be angled more toward the sort of classic gameplay brought to light by the original.  Of course it will also feature graphically enhanced facets common to our era and focus on bringing increased realism to the table.


Destiny ps4

While there’s no specific talk of Bungie’s “Destiny” being linked with Sony’s upcoming VR headset, you can’t help but consider the possibility.  In fact, the two seem like a match made in heaven – the amazing visuals, open world format and massively multiplayer elements are pretty much made for each other, as they say.  As a first-person shooter, Destiny will no doubt shine if / when it integrates with project morpheus, and in truth, it will be surprising if they don’t end up bringing the two together (at some point).

The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online ps4

The Elder Scrolls series is already incredibly immersive, which makes a VR pairing seem like a no-brainer at this point.  With TESO, Bethesda is already turning heads in a major way and will likely garner a number of awards for themselves through their efforts.  However, the prospect of being able to finally tackle Tamriel in a hands on fashion, feeling like you’re actually there…well, that’s almost too incredible to imagine (fingers crossed, people).

Fallout 4 (highly speculative, but just imagine)

Fallout 4 ps4

While we don’t really know if there’s even going to be a “Fallout 4” or not (once again, Bethesda is being rather tight-lipped about it), it’s going to be amazing, you can pretty much count on that.   If they do end up producing a follow-up to the landmark breakthrough “Fallout 3”, it’s certainly going to be a next-gen title, at least that’s the feeling we’re getting from the rumors, chatter and by looking at their other projects.  Simply put, Fallout 3 was such a uniquely addictive and wholly immersive experience that its successor is basically begging to be integrated with VR tech (like what’s being developed through project morpheus).  Assuming that they do go ahead with FO4 and this fevered nuclear dream comes to fruition, we’ll no doubt end up losing months of our lives while exploring the dangerous radioactive wasteland of whatever territory we find ourselves in.

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