8 Reasons Why FIFA 15 Will be Amazing

Release after release, EA’s FIFA juggernaut rolls forward, like an organism with intent whose sole intent is to forge a more realistic football (soccer) gaming experience. Basically, as it stands, the word is that FIFA 15 is actually going to be a reskin of 13…of sorts. As anyone with an ear to the ground in the video game industry already knows (or should), this upcoming iteration is due to add the same sort of incremental improvements that the series is known for.   Most notably however is that you should anticipate the next / 8th generation versions to pack much more of a significant punch in terms of features and content, so plan accordingly if you want the full package. So, in anticipation of the title’s late 2014 release (23 September 2014 in North America and 26 September 2014 in Europe), here are 8 reasons why FIFA 15 will be absolutely amazing…



The PS4 / Xbox One / PC version will use the Ignite engine

Once you get some basic gameplay formulae on the table, regardless of which version you’re talking about, it’s only natural to turn one’s attention toward more advanced platform mechanics and graphics. Needless to say, the more “modern” version of FIFA 15 will be sporting the ignite engine, which is more or less EA’s hottest thing going. It’s actually a collection of various technologies that, when taken as a whole, add up to create a much more “alive” or lively overall experience. Simply put, it just seems as if your opponents as well as the fans in the stands are much more reactive, intelligent and emotional.

Other “legacy” versions will also be available

Non-PC gamers and / or those who don’t own a current console owners need not worry either, because special versions are also on the way to support the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii, Nintendo 3DS, as well as the PlayStation Vita. Apparently, those editions won’t actually have support of the monumental Ignite engine (the wonderful Impact engine being featured instead), nor will they each contain uniform features. Nevertheless, you can expect to encounter great gameplay that’s somewhat similar to previous releases from the series, with various tweaks having been added for further improvement on whatever platform(s) it happens to be donning.

Updated rosters

Let’s face it, one of the main reasons dedicated FIFA / football fans keep on shelling out the additional $60 (only around $40 this time for the Vita edition, apparently) in order to have a more “up-to-date” game. Not only does this mean that there’s less confusion to deal with, but those that are into simulations will have a more sensible jumping off point as well. Given that FIFA has always been about the sport of football / soccer itself and it is in fact licensed to use actual players and teams (unlike some competitors’ offerings) such seemingly inane additions tend to make everything that much sweeter.

It’s pretty much guaranteed to be (at least) as good as its predecessor

If there’s one enormous benefit associated with annualized series like those proffered by Electronic Arts Sports, it’s that they really do try to make SOME timely improvements. That’s right, regardless of how minute any improvements are, you cannot deny that with each new edition of FIFA you’ll find one or more little things that were stuck in which do actually improve upon the base experience in some way(s). Again, there lots of expectations for this particular IP and it’s quite obvious that should EA not meet or exceed what fans want / are expecting it would be destructive to their cred., thus they are certain to do something to further impress fans.

The purported in-game “emotional intelligence”

There are lots of reasons to look forward to a new and improved FIFA experience, but jacking up the AI to a new level is an obvious selling point, particularly when they begin to incorporate “emotion” into the mix. While it’s unclear exactly how this new technology works, it’s been stated by the devs that specific players, teams or even stadiums full of fans will possess their own unique traits. Just what are we talking about here, exactly? …try no less than 600 individual reactions. Naturally, if this turns out to be a completely noteworthy addition then it will greatly increase the game’s overall appeal, playability and ability to immerse gamers in its atmosphere. Potentially, you could have an entire season’s worth of unique experiences and more at your fingertips.

Improved commentary and field responsiveness

For the ultimate realistic experience it’s absolutely critical that things like the announcer commentary be on task and gradually improved upon on each subsequent release. In FIFA 15, you can basically expect more of the same (which is a good thing), where the commentators in turn will even take note of and respond to all sorts of criteria, even what the fans are doing.   By the same token, thanks to “living pitch” the actual playing surfaces will wear down over time, meaning that there’s actual effect and visual indication on the field……awesome.

Ball physics and battling

Arguably, aside from the draw of better visuals, 15 will also bring improved ball physics to the forefront meaning that direct battling and player to player contact will be much deeper and more nuanced. Because the Ignite engine is also able to incorporate things like cloth physics there’s actually shirt pulling and the like. Needless to say these additions could very well alter the way you approach FIFA gameplay from here on out (for the better).   Moreover, the actual physics of how the ball moves and spins are much more “spot on” than what is found in previous editions, which pretty much makes F15 an obvious “must have” in every football fans collection.

Absolutely incredible graphics

Again, if you’ve been waiting for a truly impressive FIFA release then definitely pick this title up for the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. To say that it will touch upon an entirely new level of realism on multiple fronts is definitely an understatement. By the same token, the “scaled down” versions will also pack a hefty visual punch and be loads of fun to play around with.

FIFA 15 is set to be the best football game ever released. Excited? Pre-order here.

James Allsopp

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