The 33 Best PS4 Adventure Games You Should Play

Whether you already own a Playstation 4 or PS4 Pro or are just planning on picking one up in the very near future (and you really should), chances are you have a wish list of games that’s as long as a very long arm. There are so many incredible titles out there!

There’s nothing like embarking on a great adventure. You can do just that with these 25 incredible adventure games on the PS4.

Night in the Woods

Experience a story about growing up and returning home to some sinister events in this anthropomorphic adventure set in a lush world of Possum Springs. With many things to do, such as break things, sprint across powerlines and discover unimaginable things. This 1 player game is an adventure title worth checking out.


The makers of Limbo bring you another chilling adventure. Break into a mysterious facility to discover their horrifying plans. This 1-player title brings adventure is acclaimed for its atmosphere and gameplay and the game has won a variety of awards.

Okami HD

Originally released on the PS2 back in 2006, this remake of a legendary RPG adventure was made for the PS4 and features a faithfully translated art style with much-enhanced graphics. Gameplay is staged in a ghostly virtual arena

It Takes Two

Grab a partner for this co-op adventure game that feels just as much like counseling as it does a video game. The surprises are just around the corner, weather it be a out-of-control vacuum cleaner or a suave love guru. Each level is unique and flows nicely thanks to its interactive storytelling.

Psychonauts 2

Dive back into the world of Psychonauts in this bombastic adventure and reunite with its beloved cast. Play though bizarre missions with customizable psychic powers to defeat a murderous villain.

Disco Elysium: Director’s Cut

Solve crimes as a detective cop who is battling a number of issues in this full voice-acted adventure. Figure out what different characters motives are, solve murders, or do the wrong thing and accept bribes. Will you be a hero or a villain? The choose will be yours.


This award-winning adventure is completely silent, but will still bring out powerful emotions. Stunning on the PS3 system, but better on the PS4, this game delivers adventure gameplay you wont find elsewhere. Experience elegant landscapes steeped with dynamic sand and cloth. Simulated sand dunes move as players travel across them. A new online adventure which enables players to explore the mysterious world, uncovering a hidden history. Players can travel alone, or go online for a different experience where they will come across other players.

Manifold Garden

Complete puzzles in an MC Escher-style world. Defy physics and grow a garden that goes on for eternity. Manifold Garden has won many awards thanks to its meditating gameplay. The gorgeous world is full of puzzles to solve. Master the rules of the universe and restore the world with vegetation and life.


Guide a tiny mouse warrior on a perilous adventure in this VR-only game. This single-player adventure game involves puzzles, interesting characters, combat, and world exploration, all made interesting thanks to virtual reality.


There’s no easy way to discuss death, but Spiritfarer turns the difficult act into a powerful lesson on healing. Stella is the playable character, and Daffodil, her pet cat will also be on the journey.

What Remains of Edith Finch

Experience a handful of stories about the lives of a family in this haunting adventure game. You play as Edith, where you get to uncover the Finch house, each story allows you to play a family members life on the day of their death.

Outer Wilds

Want to explore space? You better do it before the universe collapses on itself in this sci-fi adventure. What kind of character will you become? You choices determine how the story unfolds. Are you ready to uncover hidden secrets with this game is single-player? Prepare yourself!


If you enjoyed Machinarium, you’ll love this new puzzle adventure from Amanita Design. The beautiful hand-painted visuals marriage with the unique gameplay where you’ll descend into a world that sees you come across furniture monsters. Tasks include carefully crafted puzzles, exploring the mansion for secret paintings and uncover the mystery.


You have crashed on an alien ocean world, and it’s not land. Nothing says adventure like being stranded at sea. Explore the depths of the ocean and craft to ensure your survival. A huge, open world full of discovery and peril awaits you!

Life is Strange: True Colors

Explore the feelings of the people around you in this empathic adventure. Set in mountainous Colorado, Haven Springs, a small town that has stunning scenery and comes with mystery. You play as the character Alex, where you’ll come across secrets about your brother’s death. This adventure takes you on a emotional rollercoaster.


Help a young girl on an adventure to escape her own trauma and hardship in this artful experience. The world delivers detailed animation with elegance. Puzzles play a big part in GRIS and you’ll come across skill-based challenges throughout the GRIS world.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead has won over 80 awards and was awarded Game of The Way. The entire Walking Dead adventure from TellTale Games is out now, and each season is an impactful zombie drama. The direction of gameplay is based on the decisions you make, which will test you at each turn. This zombie game is unlike many other titles, and the visuals are also unique.

Child of Light

Adventure through the world of Lemuria in this RPG adventure that will have you defeating the Queen of Night and restoring the moon and the sun. Child of Light is based around the daughter of a duke from 1895 Austria, Aurora, who passed away. With plenty of puzzles to solve within the beautifully made watercolor-esque world, Child of Light is an adventure you shouldn’t pass on.

The Wolf Among Us

This TellTale adventure series follows a detective in the Fables universe. Each decision you make will alter the journey of the story, which centers around the discovery of a bloody murder. From the makers of the 2012 Game of the Year: The Walking Dead, this game is one any fan of adventure games should have in their game collection.


Uncover an interdimensional mystery and live to tell the tale. This supernatural adventure thriller is based around a bunch of friends who accidently open a ghostly rift. It is a lonely military island where the events take place – and beware, the supernatural creatures are out to get you.


No highschool student liked detention, but you might just like this adventure game. Detention is a horror adventure which takes place in Taiwan during the 1960s and will leave you chilled to the bone. Players get to explore highschool where rampaging monsters haunt. As mysteries become understood, the ugly past of the cursed school will finally surface. This 2D side-scroller is one to experience.

A Hat in Time

Harken back to N64 platform adventures in this modern homage to the generation. Described as ‘cute’ this 3D adventure platformer centers around a small girl who creates hats for crazy powers. This space-travelling girl and her top hat go on a wacky adventure where the player will come across Mafia cooks, goofy birds and others. You might remember this title if you once played it on the N64, why not return to it on PS4?

A Plague Tale: Innocence

Set in 1349, a plague is creating disaster in the Kingdom of France. Help a brother and sister escape while avoiding rats. Lots and lots of rats. This is a dark adventure set in third-person. The medieval world captures the adventure is great detail. Be sure to give Plague Tale: Innocence if you like this type of adventure game.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Restore the purity of nature in a world infected by rot in this graphically impressive action-adventure game. From fast-paced combat to exploration, there is plenty to experience in Kena, Bridge of Spirits. You’ll be challenged at every turn as you build your team and grow powerful abilities.

Monster Hunter: World

Capcom’s Monster Hunter franchise just keeps growing, both in the quantity and quality of games and in the audience that explore the worlds they create. This instalment, the fifth in the franchise, is the biggest and best yet. With updated, expanded maps, seamless transitioning between zones and the ability to play as a four-player online co-op, Monster Hunter: World bodes well for the future of these ferocious creatures and the gamers who love to hunt them.

Detroit: Become Human

How far would you go to be free? Asks the trailer for this PS4 exclusive title from Quantic Dream, a studio well-known for super-lifelike gaming experiences. Set in a dystopian future where humans share the planet with androids, and what happens when their co-habiting falls apart, Detroit: Become Human features a storyline where your actions have consequences, and the narrative changes and develops dependent on your choices; all in a point-and-click gameplay style.

Uncharted: Lost Legacy

If you thought Uncharted 4 was good (and let’s be honest, it was phenomenal) you’ll love this spinoff adventure starring franchise heroines Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross on a hunt for ancient treasure. With gorgeous globe-trotting visuals and exciting action, it may not break the Uncharted mould but it looks, sounds and plays spectacularly. Not to be missed!

The Incredibles

Coming in mid-June to coincide with the release of The Incredibles 2, Warner adds the Parr family to their franchise of Lego platform games. With the ability to play as every member of the superhero family, this fun and light-hearted adventure is based on the plots of both films and sure to be a total blast.

A Way Out

Unsurprisingly, the main thrust of A Way Out is escape. What is more surprising is that the game is focused on, and requires, two players to work together – two prisoners who must team up to escape a prison. The game is played in split screen – whether you’re playing locally or online – and players can complete goals together.

Death Stranding

Another PS4 exclusive. When you’re the creator of Metal Gear Solid, how do you even begin to consider your next move? How do you follow one of the most iconic game franchises of all time? If you’re Hideo Kojima, you create one of the oddest horror / survival / adventure titles of all time with Death Stranding, one of the most bizarre games we’ve ever looked forward to. Bring it on.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

A sprawling – and we mean sprawling – single player RPG, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has one of the biggest game worlds we’ve ever seen. Everywhere you go, there’s something to get involved with; several scenes can be played in multiple different ways. The storyline is so compelling, and the in-game universe so convincing, we could easily get lost – and stay lost – for a good long time and not even notice. It’s so vast, in fact, that one player reported on Reddit that he’d spent over 1800 hours playing the game! It’s also getting its own Netflix adaptation, so franchise fans can look forward to even more Witcher in the near future.


The main protagonist of Moss may be tiny (she’s a mouse), but this creative adventure title packs a big old punch. Set within a folky, fairytale narrative, Quill lives in a city where magic and mystery abounds – as well asa plethora of dangers waiting behind every corner. One of the most interesting things about this game is when Quill discovers a second protagonist, the Reader, also played by you. You are Quill; but you also observe her adventure from afar.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Hunter-gatherer gameplay is taken to a whole new level in Horizon Zero Dawn, which is quite frankly one of – if not the most visually stunning video games ever created, by anyone, ever. We can’t even begin to describe how beautiful it is. You have to see it for yourself. It’s also, fortunately, a really good game to play; original and epic. This modern action RPG is a must-own.

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