The Best PS4 Co-Op Games to Play With Your Friends – Local and Online

It’s hard to overstate how incredible the game library is for the PlayStation 4. With incredible exclusives from big names like Ubisoft and Naughty Dog to the more obscure titles from indie developers, there’s something for everyone. What better way to enjoy this diverse and ever-expanding library than by sharing the fun with your friends? Here’s some of the best PS4 Co-Op games to enjoy with your mates.

Sniper Elite 4

This third-person tactical shooter, developed by Rebellion, is one of the best games released within its genre. With fantastic visuals, Sniper Elite 4 enables for some realistic sniping gameplay combined with stealth and strategy elements. What’s more, you can complete each level with a friend in the co-op mode. It works really well as you work together, taking down the Nazis one-by-one. Whilst there isn’t a split-screen mode, if you like tactical third-person shooter titles with the addition of a co-op mode, then Sniper Elite 4 needs to be on your list.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

First up, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. No, not just your average old COD, Nazi Zombies. Who doesn’t love exploring an entire city whilst mowing down hordes of the undead? With Call of Duty‘s vast array of weapons and power-ups, any COD Zombies game is still massively playable, especially with friends. It’s this variety of weapons and power-ups that has set the zombie modes apart as their own separate games, with many players purchasing Call Of Duty titles exclusively for Zombies. We highly recommend blasting your way to survival with your mates in tow in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.


Too many cooks spoil the broth, but they certainly don’t spoil co-op gameplay. We’re talking about Overcooked, a one of a kind, fast-paced and incredibly hectic local co-op experience. Each player controls an adorable little chef in this top-down cooking sim, chopping vegetables, washing plates, and serving up dishes all in good time. But make sure you have your kitchen in order or surfaces will begin to pile up quickly! The challenge increases with ever more obstacles, ingredients, and more complicated dishes to cook up. This one will have you and your friends yelling at each other one minute and cheering the next as you power through level after level. Overcooked is also massively replayable and will have you constantly returning to earn those all-important 3 stars on each level.


What’s more fun than shooting your way through waves of Cabal Legionaries and Fallen Dregs? Shooting your way through waves of Cabal Legionaries and Fallen Dregs with your friends! Yes, it’s not exactly a secret that Destiny is a great online multiplayer title with a fantastic co-op experience. It’s what we’ve come to expect from Bungie and they certainly delivered. There’s something about that Bungie magic that ensures replayability like no other. Destiny also boasts some pretty extensive lore, much like the Halo series, which is fairly satisfying to sink your teeth into, especially with friends. You can really immerse yourself in the experience and escape into your characters together, all whilst saving humanity or at least what’s left of it. And with Destiny 2 just around the corner, what better time to begin an obsessive addiction to the first in the series and gear yourself, and your friends, up for some more quality multiplayer/co-op gameplay? That lore only looks set to improve as well, with Destiny 2 developers focusing more on in-game storytelling as opposed to having you hunt around for clues elsewhere. But perhaps that’s another reason playing Destiny with friends is so rewarding as you all piece together bits of the story. This is one story you and your friends should definitely start uncovering together.

Far Cry 4

Ah, the vast, open Tibetan Vistas of Far Cry 4. Beautiful to experience solo, or indeed with a friend. It’s also fun to organise a highly skilled enemy camp take-down involving stampeding elephants and skilful sniping. There are near infinite possibilities for co-op thrills in Far Cry 4 what with all the side quests still being available. It should be noted that only the host will progress in terms of the map, but all quest progress will be saved for both players and both inventories can be saved as well should the non-host wish for it. Gather materials, make some money, shoot some mercenaries, and wreak double the havoc with a friend.

Rocket League

What’s better than a hearty game of soccer with friends? Soccer with rocket powered vehicles! There’s no doubt that Rocket League provides some of the most obscurely exciting gameplay and satisfying competition. When you first picture trying to hit a ball with a vehicle, you imagine it to be clumsy, uneventful, and certainly not as rewarding an experience as Rocket League makes it. The game mechanics are spectacular, with perfect pacing, great physics, and some fairly decent graphics too. We can’t imagine a better way for you and your mates to enjoy some quality time together than flipping your cars around the pitch, smashing the ball into the opposing goal and just generally feeling exceptionally cool as you hurtle through the air towards each other.

100ft Robot Golf

If you thought vehicular soccer was obscure, prepare yourselves for another, even more hilariously weird game in the form of 100ft Robot Golf. Yes, you heard right. 100ft Robot Golfis a game in which you and your friends play as 100ft tall robots who…play golf. Not only is the gameplay humorous just to look at, what with your giant robots stomping around underwater cities, rural mountain villages and generally leaving a wake of destruction, but it’s also full of new challenges. The actual gameplay mechanism changes with each playable character with different methods for setting swing power and the likes. Also, each match features some extremely witty in-game commentary. Trying to beat your friends to the hole makes for some excellent competition as well. 100ft Robot Golf is certainly worth a play, even if you’re not into golf games. There’s so much more to it than just golf and the hilarity that will ensue once you and your mates realise this is why it’s one of the funniest games to play on this list.

So, if you and your friends start to run out of things to do this Summer, it’s certainly worth giving some of these a try.  Now you have absolutely no excuse for being bored (unless you have no friends). In any case, all these titles are a whole lot of fun, but are absolutely best played with friends for extra laughs or indeed just extra competition. There’s nothing like a bit of healthy rivalry between friends to keep you on your toes!

Rosalind Griffiths

Rosalind Griffiths is a full time gamer, geek and Creative Writing student. Raised on Nintendo, when she's not earning gold trophies in Mariokart 8 or freshening up in Inkopolis, she's writing songs/poems/short stories, or watching cartoons and Lets Play videos.

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