Important details in League of Legends for esports betting

League of Legends from Riot Games is today’s most well-known title in the gaming industry. Riot Games competes among great video game titles for having the most broadcasted esports scenes on different platforms. Such a feat is thanks to its reputation as a competitive game as well as the company’s investment in its art forms such as live musical performances.

As a very popular game, League of Legends markets can be found on almost all esports betting sites. Its markets can be easy to understand, even for non-players, but predicting the outcome can be tricky. The game changes every year either through the player’s collective habits or the developer’s patches. Here’s how bettors keep track of the best bets:

Pay attention to the meta

The meta is a broad term that refers to the current state of the game. It could be something objective like a list of champions that players choose more often in the current season. Various channels on YouTube talk about the meta every week so you have a consistent source of information. Some of them share their predictions for the upcoming esports using the given information so you can apply their findings on League of Legends betting.

Know all the best teams from the last season

Watch pro teams play on their streaming channels. Many of them play every day regularly for five to eight hours. Sometimes they play together to practice their coordination. Other times, they play ranked games with strangers on blind draft.

Regardless of what mode they are playing, they are always in a competitive setting. You can have a better understanding of the meta if you know whose games to watch before the tournaments. The best way to make a list is just to refer to the previous season’s roster.

See if any of those teams changed their lineup

Just like in athletic sports, esports teams tend to transfer members between teams. Some outright leave or stay on hiatus for a variety of reasons. If the team has the same roster from the previous season then you can expect them to employ the same level of coordination albeit with a few improvements. Tactics could still be the same if they have the same coach and team captain but there is always a major difference in the performance during the laning phase of the game.

Identify notable players from every team

Just as in athletic sports, players can achieve celebrity status in esports. One of them can be considered the star player of the team whose name is known outside of the community. For serious fans of League of Legends esports, they follow the adventures of every member each year. Who plays for which team and facing off against whom in the next match.

Know which champions key players like playing

Every player has a role to play for the team. This often dictates the types of champion that they use in a competitive match but some players can have unconventional choices. If you know what type of champion every member knows how to play then you can make basic assumptions for the matchup.

You can sometimes see a player choose a character that they are not proficient in for various reasons. One is to counter the enemy’s pick while the other is to find an alternative if their favourite got banned for the match. Even professionals can make mistakes in tournaments.

Learn about the champions

This should come as a no-brainer but learning how champions’ strengths and weaknesses can help predict the outcome. Knowing which champions counter which is the first and easier to understand. However, it gets complicated if you have to understand which can complement whom.

There are hundreds of champions in the game and many of them are never chosen for tournaments. That’s why you have to know the meta first before becoming familiar with the characters. Focus your research on the champions that the pro teams are using. You can do this research overnight as soon as you learn which players will be present.

Knowing the champions and how well the players use them will almost instantly give you the answer to which market to stake on. Of course, League of Legends betting wouldn’t be exciting if it’s that predictable. There are plenty of elements in esports and luck is one of them. Enjoy watching the game progress and see if your guess is correct.

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