Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Tips and Tricks Guide

Fans have been waiting for what seems like ages now for Kojima and crew to continue onward with the Metal Gear Solid series, specifically the threads that deal with Snake, aka “Big Boss”.  Well, Ground Zeroes is finally here and whether or not you’re fully satisfied by its rather meagre length, you have to admit that it’s pretty dang cool.  It’s basically a semi-open world level utilizing a simple objective-based mission format.  Within this framework you can make a number of choices, even though it’s not necessarily as free-wheeling and open-ended as many might have liked.  Nevertheless, in terms of the stealth genre or mechanics, Ground Zeroes seems to have opened the door to a whole new world of intriguing gameplay that will no doubt be more fully explored in “The Phantom Pain”.  If you’re having trouble with MGSV: GZ, consider the following tips and tricks…


Even when you first load up the game, past all the cut scenes, you’re standing opposite a guard tower equipped with a searchlight.  While it’s very easy to head to the embankment on the right side, climb the ledge and proceed over a series of steps to the interior of the compound, it’s much harder to develop a sense of patience.  In truth, if you want to get the most out of GZ you need to be able to hang back and just observe.  Naturally, if you go to the trouble of tagging everyone and relying on enhanced navigation things might be easier, but it’s much more fun to just go in with the intention of sticking to low-tech methods.  Of course this requires that you actually watch security routes of specific guards and so forth, memorizing when and how they move.  It’s incredibly satisfying to move around them like a ninja in lieu of simply blasting everything to kingdom come.  In other words, in MGSV: Ground Zeroes, patience is a virtue…big time.

Learn how to control your character

Arguably, the most important thing to learn straight away is how to really control your character.  You want to be able to quickly move from a running position to lying prone as well as master some very basic ways of utilizing the environment (and line of sight) to move around enemies and security cameras.  Likewise, if you are seen, know how to rapidly subdue them before they put the entire base on alert.  If everyone’s going mad already, that’s the time to kick it into hyper gear and take off running, remembering to creep around guards in specific hallways of ingress / egress and take them out stealthily.  If you can control snake fairly well in GZ, you can pretty much do whatever you want and get away with it.

There’s always an alternate route / tactical thinking

It should go without saying that a game like this might implement various ways of completing specific objectives.  That’s what makes this game fun, to tell you the truth – you can either be quiet or fairly abrasive.  Either way, it’s highly advised that you infiltrate the base and meet up with Chico without anyone seeing you (entering the caged area by way of an empty guard tower).  Stashing him away in the little cave down near the cliffs by the ocean, you can turn your attention toward rescuing Paz.  As you’re moving back up from rocky beach area you’ll probably see a truck temporarily parked there, just about ready to move under the overpass.  If you can sneak aboard, it will take you inside the compound to the next area where they’re holding Paz.  When you’ve gotten her back to where Chico is, then you can signal for the chopper, thereby eliminating the chance of prematurely alerting anyone that there’s been an escape.

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