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The NBA 2K series started off on Sega Dreamcast, but was quickly picked up by 2k Sports in 2001. The first few games incorporated a number of new features into the much belated professional basketball-oriented genre of games which gamers had been wanting for quite some time.  Over the years, this formula was adapted to include new elements which have allowed it to evolve into what it is today (for example, motion-based controls and stereoscopic 3D screens).

NBA 2K14 will continue to enhance the formula which publisher 2k Sports has been slowly refining. One of the most notable additions with NBA 2K14 for instance, will be the inclusion of Euroleauge teams to the mix.

Here’s a full list of the Euroleague teams being added, via information obtained from Wikipedia:

Needless to say, for many fans around the world, this is great news.  However, new teams aren’t the only things being added; there will also be a great soundtrack to entertain gamers as well which will feature new hits and old favorites (with none other than NBA star LeBron James acting as the “musical curator”).

NBA 2K14
In terms of its visuals and gameplay, NBA 2K14 appears to be more or less par for the course.  In other words, the graphics are definitely acceptable and the gameplay will feature many of the subtleties which fans of the series are already acclimated to (so there’s very little to worry about in this regard if you’re already a fan of the franchise).  As one might expect, even if 2K is going with the same engine they’ve used previously they would still be able to take advantage of the PS4’s capabilities, so at the very least, expect performance to be highly detailed and extremely clean.

NBA 2K14 is scheduled for an October 2013 release.  We’ll keep you updated with more info regarding NBA 2K14 as it becomes available.

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