PS4 4K Gaming: Games Before Resolution

The media hype would have you believe that Sony is ready to announce a fancy new addition the PS4 console family, and whilst it could be true, the juggernaut Japanese company is certainly keeping quiet surrounding this very subject.

Andrew House, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, has already claimed that a high-end edition is expected to enter the market within the future. Obviously, 4K content is expected to grow within the coming years, and it’s an area that will fall within the PlayStation 4’s console life-span. It’s an area that Sony cannot afford to ignore.

However, it seems important to highlight the fact that Sony’s ambition isn’t just to provide powerful hardware, but to utilise what is already available to the fullest potential. Consider this year’s E3 event as a prime example, which was littered with exciting game details and announcements.

ps vr

PS VR will be available this October, extending the capabilities of the PS4, allowing players to enter a true first-person experience that won’t be found elsewhere.

Seemingly, 4K Gaming isn’t an immediate area of concern for Sony, and unlike the alternative console, most of the focus is on providing quality content. As the PS4 game catalogue grows, already boasting more 1080p game titles than any other console, we should expect Sony to begin preparations for announcing a console that can cater for 4K resolutions very soon.

The demand for this new and improved resolution is currently lacking and costly. After all, 1080p has become the standard many of us are used to. Yet, it seems fair to say that as UHD TV prices continue to fall, those wanting fresh 4K content will slowly rise. As for streaming 4K content, this is something that heavily relies on your internet speed, and something the PS4 is already capable of. Sony appears to be standing ground, not rushing to react to the competing 8th gen console – which is a very smart move. Simply put, a new console announcement would currently be unwelcomed due to increased demand for PS VR and exclusive games.

GT Sport, an upcoming PS4 exclusive title.

Having a wide range of console options isn’t just confusing for consumers (like Microsoft appears to be doing with the XBOX), but it’s pointless, too. It’s a journey that Sony aren’t expected to travel down – it goes against the PlayStation formula. Currently coined as the PS4 Neo, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Sony eventually announce the PS4 Slim, all of which has 4K resolution capabilities in-built. Could Sony slim down the current PS4 whilst also making it 4K compatible, if so, why not simply call it the PS4 Slim.

It seems sensible to conclude that 4K gaming might become a reality sometime in 2017, with an announcement this year, but, in the meantime, expect many quality game releases, and, of course, PS VR. Expect this to be a subject we cover more widely over the coming months – feel free to leave your feedback within the comment section located further down this article.

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