Rumor: PS4 Slim Leaked

We’ve speculated for quite sometime that a PS4 Slim would be part of the Sony PS4 cycle, and it appears as though the PS4 Slim could be announced with the PS4 Neo this September. Sony has confirmed that they are holding an event on September 7th  in New York.

A seller on the British classifieds ads website Gumtree has a listing that appears to be the PS4 Slim or PS4 Neo. It’s still too early to see whether this posted console is the PS4 Neo or PS4 Slim, or an alternative unknown mode, but it certainly appears legitimate. It’s unsure how the seller appears to have get hold of the console early, but the price it’s listed at is £295.

However, until there is any official announcement we’d recommend not getting too excited. Whilst it seems unlikely to be a hoax, you can never be all that sure. The good news is that we won’t have long to wait with the event incoming very soon.

We’ve included some of the leaked photos below. Enjoy.

PS4 Slim 7

PS4 Slim 6

PS4 Slim 5

PS4 Slim 2


PS4 Slim 8

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