Why Sony’s PlayStation 4 won’t be what you assume

What we think the PlayStation4 will look like.

The PlayStation 4 will be born into a changing technological world. Here is what it’ll do

Since the PlayStation 3 was released back in 2006, the technological world as we knew it has vastly advanced. Big advances with processors, graphics cards, and chips have happened. Wider availability of super-fast broadband has become more common and widespread, which is helping evolve cloud computing. Offline storage is no longer an issue, with 5TB hard-drives likely to be available for less than $100 in the coming years.

Then we had the cloud-gaming service from OnLive back in 2010, which allows low performance computers to connect, and enjoy high performance gaming. Voice and video recognition has also seen massive leaps forward with PS Move, Apple’s iPhone’s Siri, and the XBOX Kinect.

Enough has happened in the last 5 years to warrant a PlayStation 4. But will Sony hold out a few more years to allow hardware prices to fall and new technologies to develop? When is the best time for Sony to develop the PlayStation 4?

Sony Console Release Dates:

PS1: 1995

PS2: 2000

PS3: 2006

PS4: 2013*?

The above data shows that the average time between the releases of previous Sony consoles is 5.5 years. It is expected that Sony will begin talking about the PS4 sometime next year (2012), and will release it in 2013. Which brings the question… why is the gap now likely to be 7 years? The answer is the internet… Sony has been able to evolve the PlayStation 3 with constant updates and changes, luxuries that were never really possible with the PS2 or PS1, which has increased the longevity of the PS3.

Sony’s experience in the console market is clear. Below are the lifetime global sales from Sony and competitor consoles:


What we expect from the PlayStation 4:

– Faster Graphics, Processor, and Chips – Quite an obvious advancement, but not one to miss out!

Built in voice and video recognition – No need for PS Move add-ons, we expect it will all be built in and part of the package.

Blu-Ray player – Nothing new here! Whilst there will be more focus with internet downloading, disks will still be required and desired!

OnLive service – The future of gaming is cloud-gaming. We are sure Sony will offer this with the new PS4, and will be one of the biggest advancements.

New and improved gamepad – The PS3 was going to get one, it didn’t! PS4 is likely to offer a larger more-advanced pad. Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U might help Sony make a few decisions here.

iPad Sized device – OK… Maybe note quite! But we expect the PlayStation 4 to be a much smaller console than the PS3. .

3D Glasses provided – We expect 3D-gaming to advance. Whilst 3D technology is stuttering and new, it is likely to offer an area for 3D game developers, and 3D gamers.

Could the global recession hold-back the launch of the PlayStation 4? This could be a large factor as to when exactly the console will be launched. Whilst we predict 2013, the global recession has the potential to hold it back longer. Why launch a console when many people can’t afford to buy it? This is surely becoming an issue that Sony is closely watching.

Let’s finish this article with a quote from Atari founder Nolan Bushnell, whose comments state that next-gen gaming console’s PS4 and XBOX 720 will be so similar to each other due to photorealism: “The PS4 and XBOX 720 will be so close to photo realism that it doesn’t matter. When both would pump out as-good-as-looking-out-the-window graphics, what would draw developers or gamers to one or the other machine?”.

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