5 PS4 Game Releases incoming this March

The weather is still, for many, a bitter reminder that we are still in winter season, but as spring is just around the corner, we should remember that the flood of upcoming and exciting PS4 releases aren’t too far away. We are about to exit the industry drought period and enter a month when things start to slowly speed up once more. Of course, that doesn’t mean we have loads of PS4 exclusives – that’s something to savoir for later. As the catalogue of titles on the PlayStation 4 continues to grow, it’s time to take a look at what March 2016 has for us to all to get excited about.

Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls Collection

Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls Collection
It will depend where you’re located as to how this PS4 combo release will happen. Without going into great detail, you should check on your region as to whether you’ll receive a physical edition, digital edition, both or neither. With that out of the way, it’s obviously exciting for newcomers and veterans alike to be able to get involved with either of the two titles.

Full of drama, excitement and action, Heavy Rain is an award winning title that PS3 gamers were treated to back on release in 2010. It’s perhaps the interactive dominated gameplay which makes this title a little different from your average game. Simply put, if you haven’t played Heavy Rain before, then you should definitely play this one through – you won’t be disappointed.

Beyond: Two Souls didn’t receive the same popularity that Heavy Rain did, however, it’s another great game which you won’t want to miss out on. It was released back in 2013 as a PS3 exclusive.

You sure have an interactive story pairing here reuniting on the PS4 console, and for that reason, this twin collection is more than worth a re-play, especially if you didn’t grab the opportunity to previously.


Hitman ps4
Fans of the stealth and action genre are sure to be ready for Hitman. It’s a franchise which began 16 years ago. If you aren’t familiar with how this series works, then you might want to see the recent movie release – Hitman 47. It’s all about stealth, action, strategy and of course, assassination. How will you conduct the perfect assassination? Use your creativity to develop the perfect plan.

TrackMania Turbo

TrackMania Turbo ps4
Packed full of fun, this title is likely to appeal to those who might have enjoyed Rocket League; it’s fast paced, colourful and involves over 200 racing tracks to enjoy. What’s more, you’ll be able to split-screen – a definite rarity with modern day games alike. You’ll be able to let your creativity run wild with the track-editor, which allows you to make your very own race course. For those who just want something a little unfamiliar without the effort, you’ll be pleased to read that players will be able to randomly generate tracks at the hit of a button – nice, right?


Alienation ps4

Indie game developers feel right at home when it comes to the PS4, after all, it’s a system which can cater from tiny to huge. Alienation is one of those indie titles, developed by Housemarque, who are hoping to deliver that blockbuster punch within the restriction of indie development. The biggest highlight is expected to be the coop play along with the storyline. Your aim, as the player, is to take back control of earth from the aliens. It’s all gore, action and war within destructible environments. It’s sure to be another big hit for indie fans.

Tom Clancy’s The Division

Tom Clancy’s The Division ps4
It’s been delayed and more, but will The Division be a title worthy waiting for? Of course, we don’t have too long before this question can be answered. However, let’s just hope the polishing up will result in a stunning game. Set in New York, the open-world environment is expected to be an exciting feature. The story develops from a Black Friday epidemic from where the US. Government quickly collapses due to a mass-spreading smallpox pandemic, resulting in the shutdown of all important services, creating a devastating scenario. From here develops a variety of divisions, some will be your enemies and others your allies. With plenty of detail spent on visuals, gameplay and exciting multiplayer features – it’s definitely a game which could deliver everything.

With PSVR launching soon and the year becoming alive with releases, I hope these mentions (along with those not featured), will get you by until then. Considering it’s a typically quiet month for releases, it’s not too bad – with that said, you might want to read my 5 upcoming PS4 titles I can’t wait for article. Which games can’t you wait for? Feel free to leave your comments down below.

James Allsopp

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