The Best PS4 Zombie Games, Future and Present

There’s just something deliciously creepy about the concept of the flesh-craving undead, swarming unchecked over the planter. It’s the perfect premise for an adrenaline-fueled, heart-pounded survival game, replete with weapons of all shapes and sizes, stocked with thrills and dangers around every corner. Although PC gamers have the edge in this niche, PS4 gamers are lucky enough to have a great selection of zombie games to choose from, and more will be arriving in the near future. Take a look at some of the best zombie games, future and present.

PS4 Zombie Games to Play Right Now


It wouldn’t be a list of the best PS4 zombie games without a mention of Dying Light. This incredible, beautifully designed game features a sprawling open world and whole hordes of zombies. Days and nights brings new zombie mutations that threaten your survival. Make sure that you get the expansion, The Following, to enjoy the full potential of the game.

The remastered edition of The Last of Us: Remastered is unparalleled in its gritty, thrilling take on the apocalypse. There’s plenty of danger and gore in this ravaged world populated with infected, but there’s also a great storyline and fascinating characters to enjoy. You’ll never forget the experience of playing through it.

The Escapists: Walking Dead is a quirky, fun zombie game that turns you into a tiny, pixelated version of Rick Grimes, leader of a band of ragtag survivors during the zombie apocalypse. This is a unique take on the zombie genre, requiring skills and strategy as you try to keep all of your people alive and out of the bony jaws of the undead. You can even craft your own weapons. This game gives you the view from above and features vintage-looking game artwork and comic-style exclamations and effects. In survival mode, try playing as other characters from the popular TV series.

Zombie Games Coming Soon to the PS4


Late 2016 brings H1Z1: Just Survive to PS4 fans. From what we know so far, it’s an MMO survival game that’s designed to bring players together. You have to work as a team in order to make it through one more day or night without being gobbled by wild beasts or zombies. Get ready to make some alliances!

In January of 2017, you’ll be able to grab a copy of Resident Evil 7. And guess what? This chapter of the long-running series will support virtual reality, so make sure you invest in PS4 VR equipment to get the full experience. We don’t know a lot about the game yet, but you can trust the developer to amp up the thrills, the gear, and the monsters this time around.

While The Escapists: Walking Dead gives you a taste of the apocalypse, its status as a strategy role-playing game can only take it so far. The episodic Walking Dead games are already on the PS4, and more games in the series are coming to PS4 in 2017 from developer Overkill. This is a zombie game series that you can enjoy right now and for the next few years!

There is nothing more satisfying than playing an exclusive title, and that is exactly what Days Gone will be. Using the Unreal Engine, visuals are expected to be stunning. Deacon St. John, the controllable character, is presented with the challenge of surviving a global pandemic, which has resulted in most of humanity transforming into those sleep walking monsters we call zombies.  Get ready, this is set to be a true Zombie game exclusively available to PS4 owners.

Which zombie games are your favorites? Have you heard any information about upcoming zombie titles for the PS4? Don’t keep those details to yourself— share in the comments!

Rebecca Kenney

My favourite gaming console is the PS4, of course, and in my spare time I love to write.

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