DreamGEAR Prime – Wired Gaming Headset Review

While some might think that it’s a bit “retro” to use wired peripherals with their video game console, you can’t deny that they’re extremely reliable.  DreamGEAR Prime’s wired headset is a good example of this principle in that it’s basically a decent-sounding affordable model with a few added perks for good measure.  Of course the real draw of this particular design is that it’s an audio solution of sorts.  In other words, one could accurately say that DreamGEAR Prime’s product is really just an attempt to provide a simple workaround for your home entertainment setup.

DreamGEAR Prime - Wired Gaming Headset

First, let’s explain the connection procedure, which is what most people are probably interested in, anyway.  You start off by plugging the green mini audio jack (3.5mm) into the RCA cable (splitter).  Next, hook up the USB (with the extension on if you like) to the PS4 itself.  Finally, you connect the black mini jack (3.5mm) to your DualShock 4 controller and you should be ready to set up the headset.  Note* – you need to hook the RCA plugs up to the left / right OUT channels, fyi.  Click here to see a diagram along with multi-language instructions.

Now you can begin to fiddle around with the control unit, which is located on the cord itself.  It’s easy to mute the mic with the slider and once you get the hang of where it is you’ll be able to grab it easily without looking down (red indicator light means it has been muted).  Naturally, you can adjust both the chat as well as game volume separately, which is absolutely key if you want to be able to use headphones with a console.

DreamGEAR Prime - Wired Gaming Headset

As far as the audio quality is concerned, the wired DreamGEAR Prime performs quite well.  Obviously these phones aren’t meant to be used in situations where you need amazingly rich and extremely dynamic / lifelike audio reproduction, but don’t get the wrong idea – they sound just fine.  The entire frequency range is covered and they’re even comfortable to boot.

Simply put, if you own a PS4 and need a good headset which can plug directly into your TV and provide isolation as well as independent control over chat and game volume(s), then the DreamGEAR Prime headset will probably serve you well.

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