Sony Official Gold Wireless Headset Review

We serious, hard-core gamers like our sound to be loud, dynamic and absolutely clear.  Of course, at the same time, very few of us have the cash to go out and drop down on a fancy new surround sound system, so we often make a sacrifice and opt to buy nice headphones instead.  Naturally, headphones have one large benefit over almost any other option available – they don’t disturb others, which (believe it or not) is a feature that can actually save relationships.  Among most of the newer models out there which have been created for gamers, Sony’s new Official Gold Wireless Headsets are truly great.

Not only do these high quality headphones offer crisp and clear audio in total isolation, but they also 7.1 virtual surround sound as well.   In other words, you’ll hear everything – no longer will those stealthy players be able to creep up on you in online matches, nor will you miss out on all the subtle cues which were built into your favorite games.  Moreover, there’s even a built-in noise-canceling microphone which you can use as well.

Sony Official Gold Wireless Headset Review

But what’s a good pair of phones if they aren’t comfortable, eh?  Not to worry, this gold wireless headset is officially comfortable as can be, with deluxe, padded earmuffs and removable faceplates which can be swapped out for those featuring a different style.  Given that these muffs were also designed by none other than Sony themselves, they saw fit to include a customized app which you can use in tandem with the hardware.  In short, there are actually specific modes of operation which you can elect to use with various titles, some of which actually feature enhanced audio elements (per the game developer’s design).

Since these babies are wireless, you are also free to move around as you wish, which is something you can easily overlook or take for granted until you experience just how freeing it truly is.  The wireless capability is perfect for PS4, PS3 and PC owners, for example.  Of course there’s also a 3.5mm audio cable included as well, which you can use to attach any number of devices including iPods and Mp3 players.

Sony Official Gold Wireless Headset Review --

In truth, anyone who enjoys top-quality sound reproduction will find this headset to be an excellent value and a worthwhile purchase.  In fact, they’re even clean enough to do some basic music / sound editing for either video or band projects, that is if you’re into home recording.  For most people, the ability to utilize these phones with both their console at home as well as on the road with their iPod should be reason enough to grab a pair, maybe two (for gaming guests).

Compatible with: Windows Vista / XP, Mac, PlayStation 4, Sony PSP, PlayStation 3

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