Gioteck RC5 Professional Gaming Chair Review

How many times have you been sitting in your gaming throne, perhaps wearing a pair of headphones and though, “you know, this would be much better if there were speakers actually in the chair”?  Regardless, someone else already has, which brings us to the Gioteck RC5 Professional Gaming Chair.  Quite simply, this piece of functional furniture features a built-in sound system offering a real 2.1 surround sound experience.  Not only that, but it’s also compatible with an array of devices, computers and consoles, like:

  • PS4

  • PS3

  • Xbox 360

  • Nintendo Wii U

  • PC

  • DVD

  • iPods

  • Mp3 players

  • Tv’s

  • Etc…

Moreover, there’s even a subwoofer integrated as well, which offers some truly deep bass for racing titles and action / adventure shooters as well as music and movies.  In truth, you can’t find a more comfortable, attractive-looking or dynamic addition to your gaming / entertainment center than this rather affordable, yet full stocked chair.

Actually, for a lot of people, this gamer’s throne might be sort of dangerous, as they’ll seldom want to get up to do anything since it basically transports you into an entirely new reality via immersive sound.  Seriously, you only think you’ve experienced your favorite games until you see just how much of a cumulative effect a quality sound system can have on you as a gamer.  The truth is, you can hear every twig snapping, every footstep, blasts from laser cannons and the trumpeting thrusts of racers – you’ll truly feel as if you’re right there in the midst of the action.

Gioteck RC5 Professional Gaming Chair Review

Likewise, you’ll never look at movies or music the same way either.  Instead of simply plopping down on the sofa or some random support you’ll definitely be looking for Giotack RC5.  Due to the fact that this pro gaming chair also features full-range speakers, a lot of music fans or even musicians might find it preferable over conventional PC monitors.  Even those who routinely perform audio editing, perhaps as part of a music or video project, might find this chair to be up to par in terms of it s reference capabilities (although pro monitors are definitely recommended).

As far as looks go, the Gioteck RC5 Professional Gaming Chair is certainly nothing to scoff at.  A black leather-ish material is offset by soft padded interior sections, lending a very cushioned feel to the unit.  With double foam padding being added to provide extra comfort, this gaming throne is also suitable for anyone and is a sight for sore eyes after a hard day’s work.  If that weren’t enough, it’s also fully adjustable and even incorporates its own vibration feedback, which makes it great for very dramatic titles, like Battlefield 4, for example.

Hands down, this is a great combination sound system / gaming chair to pick up if you’re in the market for a new piece of furniture to compliment your PS4 or next-gen gaming console.

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