The 2014 PS4 Christmas Buyer’s Guide

If you’re really in the market for a new video game console this Christmas, why not make it a PlayStation 4? After all, we are talking about what is now the most popular system out there, with over 10 million units sold in a really short amount of time. In fact, Sony’s PS4 sales have effectively doubled that of Microsoft’s Xbox One (which is also a great machine in its own right) – many gamers are opting for the PS4 vs. the XBOX One for a variety of reasons. The bottom line is that you KNOW it has to be good, just looking at sales figures should be evidence enough of that. Of course if you’re going to be buying one you’re probably completely in the dark as to what you’ll need or would even want (perhaps), right? That’s exactly why we’ve pieced together this buyer’s guide – to help you figure out what the hot PS4 goodies and games are…

The console itself

Before you can start doing anything you’re going to need a console, obviously. This is where things might get a bit tricky though because there are several options here. For example, you could just get a bare-bones system that contains everything you need to get started and one controller. For many people this is probably the best option, especially if they plan on buying a lot of games separately. Likewise, if you’re the type of gamer who prefers to purchase titles directly off of the PSN store then there won’t be anything else required, really.


There are OTHER options too, though… Grabbing a bundled package is also a dandy idea. Many people who are into sci-fi shooters are opting for the “Destiny” bundle, for instance, which pairs a specialized console with the hit Bungie-developed title. There are other options too, like another which includes NBA 2K14, which is great for sports fans. Naturally, any bundle that you decide to get should include a card which grants access to PlayStation Plus (online connectivity), not only because it’s a great way to get news, updates and access to great online games, but also because a lot of the AAA titles actually require direct connection to the internet.

PS4 Console

Serious gamers who are ready to delve into the PS4 with serious aplomb should definitely consider purchasing a bundle like this. It not only adds the console and no less than 2 DualShock 4 controllers, but also 3 great games (in this instance, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Tomb Raider and Infamous: Second Son). Arguably, this is really the way to go because it ends up being cheaper in the end and promises hours upon hours of amazing gaming.

The games


Speaking of games, the PlayStation 4 has more than a few to tickle your fancy, regardless of what your specific tastes might be. Also, it should be noted that there’s always more on the way and each month brings with it all sorts of interesting new releases. Here are the main titles that you should perhaps be on the lookout for…

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Grand Theft Auto V

It was already an amazing, award-winning game that raked in ridiculous amounts of cash when initially released onto 7th generation consoles, but now it’s even more incredible. Touting new features, including a badass first person mode, GTA V is now arguably the best game currently available on the PS4.


…An arcade style shoot ‘em up with enhanced graphics and enough color and light to satisfy even the most visual hungry gamer. …Extremely easy to become addicted to.

NBA 2K14

Aside from delivering great pro basketball action, NBA 2K14’s main claim to fame is that its graphics are very lifelike. Seriously, at times you’ll be scratching your head wondering if you’re playing a game or watching one on the television.


Promising to introduce a title that would “cater to the car culture”, Driveclub was created. All in all it’s a very sleek-looking game that offers up classic racing action as well as a bevy of socially-induced features to keep you connected to the PSN community.

Trials: Fusion

Part arcade game, racing game and accident simulator, Trials: Fusion is one of those titles that you really have to play for yourself to truly understand. While its controls are relatively simple the gameplay is very deep indeed. You’ll be on the edge of your seat while trying to surmount obstacles and nail tricky jumps.


The king of all the football / soccer simulators, the FIFA franchise is widely known and celebrated, and for good reason. With FIFA 15 we see the same sort of incremental forward development taking place as with previous entries in the series. This time around everything looks, feels and responds differently (better, in fact).

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Here we have a truly stand-out FPS game that pretty much everyone is going to want on their Christmas list if they’re a PS4 gamer. Yes, it finally updates the CoD mechanics forward into future territory, when private armies are rising and the action is faster and more brutal than ever before. Naturally, the multiplayer mode is where the real action is and the one included here is nothing short of amazing.

Infamous: Second Son

…crazy sandbox games that basically places you in a futuristic version of Seattle and grants you super powers. What’s not to love?

The Crew

Open world – check. Intense driving game that utilizes a scaled down map of the US as its proving ground – check… Awesome? – check.

Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn

For the gamer who loves Final Fantasy or RPG’s in general, FF14: A Realm Reborn is a must-buy. Truly a wonderful, multi-layered experience that you can spend hours in.

Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag

There really aren’t any games like AC4: Black Flag out there, you know, those that let you actually live the life of an old-school pirate.   Needless to say, open world adventure on the high seas awaits ye, matey!

Alien: Isolation

If it’s a terrifying and intense survival horror experience with all sorts of stylish throwbacks to the classic Hollywood film “Alien” is what you’re after, you NEED to check this game out.

The Last of Us Remastered

The Last of Us Remastered is a redesign of the mega-hit PS3 game that updates the visuals and adds all the previous DLC to the mix. This is yet another one of those games that you REALLY need to experience on the PS4.

The Evil Within

The creator of the legendary Resident Evil series returns with a new game that’s truly terrifying and features expertly crafted gameplay. You might think you know what to expect, but you probably don’t…

Far Cry 4

No holds barred open world FPS action with a vast feel, awesome visuals, loads of stuff to do and an interesting main story. If you thought Far Cry 3 was great, you’re going to love this…


Minecraft on the PS4 offers up an even more amazing experience than what was possible on the PS3.


Watchdogs is an open world game that puts you in the shoes of an aggressive parkouring hacker. You explore a future Chicago and are able to delve deeply into the lives of friends and foes alike, manipulating the world around you for your own (or someone else’s) benefit.



There are a growing number of quality accessories to enhance your PlayStation 4 gaming experience. This section takes a quick look at your best options right now for headsets, keyboards, steering wheels, camera and more.

NOTE: Having a spare controller is always handy, what’s more is that you can get your second controller in a variety of different colours.

Below are the various accessory areas you should check out this Christmas:

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Get a larger HDD

You’ve hopefully got plenty of new ideas about what PS4 items you’re going to purchase over Christmas. With plenty to digest it might also be worth heading over to our PS4 Buyers Guide which is constantly kept updated to further assist you.

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