PS4 Games and Hardware that Could Be Announced at E3 (2015)

The three E’s (Electronic Entertainment Expo), which could jokingly be mistaken for Excitement, Excitement and Excitement, are what define an event and date that should be noted down in any serious gamer’s calendar. If you haven’t already; this year’s E3 will be held at Los Angeles Convention Centre (USA) between June 16th and 18th. It’s this very event where we’ll learn about which exciting new games and hardware developers are working on. The PS4 is on course to become the best-selling console in history, all because it’s proving the best experience, yet things are set to become even more exciting. If you love details, rumours and speculation then you’re sure to be wondering what exciting games could realistically be announced. Let’s take a look at the big titles and hardware which could be announced at this year’s E3.

Gran Turismo 7

The racing genre has become somewhat disappointing so far on the PS4, however, this should be set to change, and dramatically. Whilst we know that GT7 is being developed, an official announcement is more-or-less a guarantee at E3 2015. Sony are likely to use the event to showcase GT7, hence why we haven’t had any details to-date. This expected announcement will provide the excitement that PS4 gamers deserve and crave. Any serious PS4 fan is surely ready to watch the first Gran Turismo 7 trailer, read the juicy details and features, and admire the jaw dropping screenshots, right? The only real disappoint might be that it’s likely to be a 2016 release. Read more here.

Fallout 4

fallout 4
If you love a good rumour then you’ll have heard plenty over the last year about Fallout 4. Interestingly, the rumour is becoming less of one… We’ve recently learned that Bethesda will feature at this year’s E3 for the first time, ever! This alone is a definite indicator that Fallout 4 could soon to be announced. Why? Something massive has to be at hand for Bethesda to suddenly enter the E3 area. Fallout 4 would be a great reason for this sudden action. Whilst it’s not set in stone, expect a Fallout 4 announcement.

God of War 4

God of War 4
The good news is that we already know that Santa Monica are working on a God of War 4 for the PS4 – although, they haven’t said much else. E3 2015 is the perfect time for Santa Monica to announce and unveil loads of juicy content about GoW4. The big question is… will it happen? Let’s hope so! Rumours suggest that gameplay could involve Kratos battling against the Egyptian Gods.

The Last of Us 2

The Last of Us 2
It’s difficult to currently name a better PS4 game other than The Last of Us Remastered. The storyline, graphics and gameplay were so well put together that anyone who didn’t already own a PS4 wanted to. It perhaps wasn’t quite as special if you had played through the PS3 edition, simply because you knew what to expect. TLOU2 would deliver a fresh storyline whilst keeping the winning formula, and for these reasons alone, Naughty Dog could be ready to announce the second phase of the series at E3, although it’s more likley to happen at next year’s E3.

007: Spectre

If you were ever the owner of a Nintendo 64, then you should remember playing GoldenEye 007. It was arguably the best game released for the console. Whilst we’ve seen plenty of average Bond console game releases, it would be great to think we could get a similar title that delivers on all fronts, just as GoldenEye 007 did. Spectre is an upcoming film, so it’s possible that we’ll receive a game too. If this announcement happens, the question is: will it be an average title, or one that really captivates and becomes an award winner? Finger’s crossed on this one – I’m sure all Bond fans are with me. Read more here.


The SSX series has provided the very best snowboarding experience since 2000. It’s surely time we hear about SSX 4. The PS4 is in desperation for a quality snowboarding game, and who doesn’t love the adrenaline fuelled sport set in the heart of nature’s most amazing settings. Doing amazing tricks whilst gliding dangerously down steep snowy mountains wouldn’t just look amazing on the PS4, but it would provide some great gameplay too. If you’re desperate for a snowboarding game, then you’ll be pleased to read that SNOW will be landing on PS4 soon.

The Getaway 3

The Getaway 3 PS4
There is plenty of demand for this title, generally because The Getaway was an awesome PS2 game. It also gave us a taster of how the series could progress and advance, however, it stalled after the PS2 release of The Getaway: Black Monday. The Getaway 3 was announced a long time back and was going to be a PS3 release. Sony decided to put the title on-hold and nothing much else has been said since. However, it’s possible that Sony might have put the project on-hold and wait for the release of the PS4. The fact that the game isn’t cancelled gives the hope that we could hear an announcement this year. If the game does resurface, then you can expect the GTA styled gameplay set within London which made the series so exciting – awesome, right? Read more here.

PS4 Slim

It’s definitely possible that Sony could announce a slimmer version of the PS4 at this year’s E3. PS2 Slim, PS3 Slim, so…. When can we expect the PS4 Slim? Sony love to slim down their console models more than any other console manufacturer, it’s possible that a PS4 Slim could be announced in a few months’ time. The slim edition would likely release close to Christmas, meaning it is possible that it could be announced at E3 2015 or E3 2016. This new console edition would likely feature a larger HDD, too. It’s also possible that Sony could announce a third edition, which scraps the PS4 Blu-ray drive entirely, this would be for those who have access to superfast broadband and don’t desire a Blu-ray drive, which would result in an even slimmer and cheaper console model. Read more here.

Project Morpheus

The war on virtual reality headsets is coming very soon. There are a number of big players involved, too. Of course, that includes Sony. It’s difficult to say whether virtual headsets will become a must have piece of hardware, or just another faddy piece of tech gear. Microsoft appear to be heading down the road of a ‘for all’ device, just like they did with the XBOX One, meaning it’s not made primarily for gamers. However, like with the PS4, Sony’s headset will be primarily for gamers.

project morpheus
Sony could unveil the real product name behind Product Morpheus and what games are going to launch with it along with many other exciting details. It’s possible that this piece of kit might somehow launch with GT7 – complete speculation, but also a definite possibility. Read more here.

This year’s E3 is definitely going to be an exciting one, and it could help define the future of the PS4. Which games do you wanted to be announced? Leave your comments below!

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