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Tom Farr

Tom is a gamer, blogger, article writer, storyteller, and screenwriter who also teaches writing for a living as a high school English teacher.

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PS4 Reviews

PS4 Game Reviews4 weeks ago

FIFA 18 PS4 Review

Not so long ago, FIFA’s dominance seemed unassailable. Having previously been the choice for more “serious” football fans, the quality...

Popular1 month ago

Madden NFL 18 Review

Another season of the NFL has gotten underway. And as we all know, a new NFL season means a new...

Popular1 month ago

Cities: Skylines Review

It’s not much of an exaggeration to say that, since its release on PC in March 2015, Cities: Skylines has...

PS4 Game Reviews1 month ago

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Review

A very few, select series have been inextricably tied to the PlayStation, and have become iconic for the brand: God...

Popular1 month ago

Everybody’s Golf Review

You may not be familiar with the Everybody’s Golf series, even though Japanese developer Clap Hanz has been making them...

Popular2 months ago

Cars 3: Driven to Win Review

Cars 3: Driven to Win is the movie tie-in game for Disney's Cars 3 and is certainly a title worth...

Popular3 months ago

The Golf Club 2 Review

For avid Golf fans and gamers interested in sports games, it can be extremely difficult to find a Golf game...

Popular3 months ago

Crash Bandicoot N sane Trilogy Review

Over 20 years ago, gamers around the world first picked up controllers to delve into the rich world of Crash...

Popular4 months ago

Micro Machines World Review

If you’ve got fond memories of the original Micro Machines, then you may well be interested in taking a look...

Popular4 months ago

Prey Review

Prey is a game I might describe as attempting to be a spiritual successor to System Shock. Some people prefer...

Popular5 months ago

MXGP3: A Step In The Right Direction

It's easy to become sceptical or perhaps even cynical about annual Motorsport games. They often stick to the same recipe...

Popular5 months ago

DiRT 4 Review

DiRT 4 is the latest instalment in the long-standing rally racing series. Due to release on June 6th in the...

Popular5 months ago

LEGO Dimensions - Wave 8 Review

The Lego video game series has always given polished gameplay and entertaining and humorous renditions of various nostalgic and modern...

PS4 Game Reviews7 months ago

Lego City Undercover Review - Wii U LEGO Game Comes to PS4

Adventure, check. Brick building, check. Puns galore, check. LEGO City Undercover puts you in the shoes of city cop Chase...

PS4 Game Reviews7 months ago

ArmaGallant: Decks of Destiny Review - A Hybrid Online Arena Game

What do you get when a studio puts card enthusiasts and strategy game players in the same room? ArmaGallant: Decks...

PS4 Game Reviews7 months ago

Project Cars Game of the Year Edition Review

The world of simulated racing has always been a rather inclusive one. Household names have been made of incredibly accurately...

Popular7 months ago

Yooka-Laylee Review

If you’re up for the strangest, wildest, most colorful time of your life, Yooka-Laylee might just be the game to...

Popular7 months ago

'Touhou Genso Wanderer' Review: Japanese Rouge-like Moves West

Dungeon crawler fans rejoice, indie studio Aqua Style brings us Touhou Genso Wanderer available now on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.  A rouge-like RPG with chibi style artwork and Japanese...

Popular7 months ago

'Troll and I' Review: A Scandinavian Myth with a Side of Bugs

From Spiral House, developers of Little Big Planet, comes Troll and I. A story driven action adventure game with RPG...

PS4 Game Reviews7 months ago

Toukiden 2 Game Review

Toukiden 2 is a gory, terrifying, fantastical mess of opportunity and active gameplay. The action role-play adventure, a sequel to...